China Way was founded in 1998, focused on overseas service for nearly 20 years. China Way is an overall-solution-provider of abroad service. It is committed to creating a one-stop service system professional institution.

China Way is headquartered in the core business circle of Beijing, close to the Chinese Foreign Ministry building. It has a number of legally registered business brands. For the layout of the world, China Way integrated the foreign and local resources. Centered in Hong Kong, China Way has Set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Spain, Greece and some other cities at home and abroad, to provide customers all-round abroad and overseas settlement services.

Over the past few years, China Way has established the partnership with CCTV and lots of famous banks at home and abroad.

China Way has a large number of high-quality real estate resources and channels all over the world , as well as a professional, experienced senior overseas-real-estate-expert-team. China Way integrated the information of the high-quality real estate in accordance with the needs of Chinese customers to make it presented intuitively, which won the favor of a number overseas real estate investors. The main advantage countries of China Way are Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, the United States, and Australia.

  • Overseas Real Estate
  • Immigration
  • Overseas Investment Management
  • Global Business Travel Customization


Under the guidance of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” policy, the economic connections between China and the world become more and more frequent. The need of overseas investment and immigration in China is increasingly strong. China Way has a lot of customer resources and promotion channels. It is much more familiar with the need of customer that can help people who intends to expand the Chinese immigration market much more quickly and easily.

Now, China Way is sincerely inviting all the overseas enterprises/ individuals and Immigration lawyers who intends to enter the Chinese overseas service market to cooperate. Working together to build a resource bridge between China and the world.



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